Hybrid Betting Bounty Program

We want to reward our Early supporters who help us promote the project, 2% of Tokens created are reserved for the Bounty Program.

- The bounty pot will be split according to points accumulated among the participants
- Every bounty supporter needs to register HERE and verify the email in the dashboard
- Following the ICO, all stakes data will be calculated, whereupon the winners and bounties will be officially announced. Participants will be asked to send their ETH wallet addresses (e.g. https://www.myetherwallet.com/) to our email address to claim their bounty
- We created 60 million HYB tokens Two percent (2%) of this (or 1,200,000 HYB tokens) will be used for the bounty campaign If the ICO upper limit (Hard Cap) is raised before the closing date of our token sale, we will stop the sale. If the amount is less than the maximum, the ratio will apply to the amount raised
-The HYB tokens will be distributed after our ICO's end

The bounty pot of 1,200,000 HYB tokens will be distributed among different channels:

Best performers beta testers 25% 300.000,00 HYB
Twitter 25% 300.000,00 HYB
Bitcointalk signatures 25% 300.000,00 HYB
Referrals 12% 144.000,00 HYB
Telegram subscriptions 10% 120.000,00 HYB
Translation of Whitepaper 3% 36.000,00 HYB

We keep the right to disqualify participants who are not following guidelines and uploaded malicious links Details of the bounty campaign may be subject to change without notice.

Hybrid Betting Team